• Improve Your Vision! NEW YEAR! NEW VIEW!
    Elmhurst Outpatient Surgery Center introduces Catalys by OptiMedica™, a state-of-the-art cataract laser system, giving patients a new and clearer view. See what you've been missing!
  • Uniquely You! Custom Approach
    While all eyes share the same basic anatomy, there are individual differences in size, depth and curvature.
  • Eye Protection! Enhanced Safety Features
    Catalys' advanced 3D mapping and image-guidance software ensure that the laser pulses are delivered only to the intended treatment area, protecting surrounding eye anatomy.
  • See What She Sees! Speed & Comfort
    With Catalys, each individual treatment is pre-programmed into the system to improve accuracy and reduce the total procedure time.
  • Get Your Game On! Unmatched Precision
    Catalys delivers precision that is unmatched in the industry, producing incisions that are accurate within tens of microns.

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EOSC is offering the above new FDA approved surgical treatment options for glaucoma, cataracts, and tendon pain. Select the above blue links to find out how these treatment options may benefit you.

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