One Medical Passport - ONLINE Medical history

Want to end the game of phone tag? Want access to your health record any time you need it?

EOSC has a new solution that allows you or a caregiver to provide your medical and surgical history on-line using One Medical Passport. Creating a Medical Passport is quick, easy & secure!

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What is ONE Medical Passport?

One Medical Passport is a website that allows you to securely complete a medical history questionnaire when it is convenient for you...anytime, anywhere! You can even start the process, save it, and return later to finish. The information you enter is yours to keep. You may update it at anytime or print it out to share with another medical provider or facility.

Information you will need:

  • Driver’s license, State ID, Passport or other legal document that shows your full legal name.
  • Health insurance card(s).
  • Names and phone numbers of physicians that are currently caring for you.
  • List of all medications you are taking including their dosage and frequency.
  • List of surgical procedures within the past 10 years that have required anesthesia.


We recommend that you complete your Passport as soon as your surgery has been scheduled. If you are unable to provide your information on-line, our nursing staff will contact you via telephone up to one week prior to your surgery to obtain your medical history.


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I absolutely loved the electronic communications via text messages and One Medical Passport is so much easier than having staff members call and do an hour pre-op interview over the phone.

Additionally it places the responsibility back on me to get it done as soon as I can rather than trying to juggle the phone calls at inopportune times. Whoever came up with this system deserves a raise in pay!